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What is NTimeline?

NTimeline is a library to build a timeline which has several source which deliver points of time or durations.

Where can I use NTimeline?

NTimeline is a library which is designed to be uses in your business layer.

What does NTimeline?

Here some of the key operations of NTimeline:
  • Collect points of time
  • Collect durations
  • Sort all collected data
  • Get time slices from the created timeline

What are typical use cases for NTimeline?

  • Calculate rates upon time slices
  • Calculate a timeline upon points of time or time periods given by time sources

How to create a timeline?

It's quite easy. First you have to create a time source. NTimeline gives you an abstract base class called TimeSourceBase which implements the interface ITimeSource:
public class TestSource : TimeSourceBase
    public override IList<TimeElement> CreateTimeElements()
        return new List<TimeElement> {
            new TimeElement(new DateTime(2010, 1, 1), true),
            new TimeElement(new DateTime(2010, 3, 1), true) };

    public override bool IsValid(Duration duration)
        // Dummy implementation
        return true;

Now you can already build a timeline:
TestSource source = new TestSource();
Timeline timeline = new Timeline();

How to walk through a timeline?

That is also quite easy. First you have create your visitor. NTimeline provide the interface ITimelineVisitor, so your class has to implement this interface.
public class ConsoleVisitor : ITimelineVisitor
    public void Visit(TimePeriod period)
        Console.WriteLine("Visit period {0}", period);
Now you have to call the following method on your timeline instance:
ConsoleVisitor visitor = new ConsoleVisitor();

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